Chapter I : Zombify (2012-2021)

Chapter I (2012-2021)

Melancholic Zombie’s music can be summed up as something like melancholic pop-rock with weird electronic instruments and lyrics that could be straight outta tumblr. On the other hand it doesn’t really fit in to any category or a genre – it’s always changing to be weirder and weirder.

Originally known as Juho Saari or JuhoSaariMusic, first demos of Melancholic Zombie were recorded as early as in 2007, but it would took few years before first public releases. First single Grrooveboogie was released in 2012, and debut album Beginning would follow in 2013. It included some early instrumental and electronic tracks.

In 2014 the follow-up Fall (or Fall & Rainy Days) was released, taking music to more pop and rock-oriented direction. Some would even say that Fall sounded like Trent Reznor’s early records. Third album, Thousand Times was released secretly in 2017, and focused on guitar-driven, simple rock.

Fourth album others was released in 2020 and moved back to instrumental and electronic music. In 2021 this time another night followed on this instrumental path, combining heavy rock to robotic synth leads.

Beginning of 2022 marked a release of Zombify : Chapter I which captured the first ten years of MZ’s music in one album. Within Zombify MZ also put out four previously unreleased albums to fill the gaps on the discography and give some closure to the first chapter of MZ’s musical journey: Tapes (2016), Another Sun (2017), Gemetzel (2018) and Cause of Death: Everything (2019). These four albums were were already recorded and ready to be released, but for one reason or another never saw the daylight. Musically these albums varied from EDM rock to pop punk and alternative rock.

And with that said, it’s time to leave these songs behind to live their own lives and move on to new projects.

Most important tracks of the first decade of Melancholic Zombie’s music compiled in one album.

Part of this release is .iso file of DVD ‘Melancholic Zombie : Videos 2012-2021’:

You can view the DVD with free VLC Media Player (for example) or you can burn it on disc yourself.

‘Chapter I : Zombify’ is also available as CD + DVD: