Leaving Twitter

I’m leaving Twitter for good. After Musk took over the place it has became this rotten and disgusting, hate-filled site with no moderation at all, and I don’t feel like I want my art to be there. Social media as a concept is in a weird place, and personally I prefer moving to fediverses and open-source platforms, away from those greedy capitalists. Indeed.

MZ’s Twitter account though is very important to me. It was my first social media account, and I’ve used it over a decade for personal stuff and during the last few years for MZ. There’s lots of good memories, too many stupid tweets and some friends were made.

But that’s past. I’ll deactivate my account at some point. There is still many other places where you can follow me, like here on my website (by joining on mailing list), tumblr, Instagram, DevianArt and Mastodon.

I might even start blogging more. Who knows? Not me.






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