Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight

New Melancholic Zombie album is here! ’Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight’ begins the second chapter of MZ’s musical journey, and being album number ten (!) it’s only fitting that it is the best one so far. At least in my own humble opinion.

’Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight’ is electronic horror rock experience, inspired by One and only Lordi but also 90s electronic rock music in general. Especially David Bowie’s 90’s releases have been a big influence on these 10 tracks, and one of them is even straight-forward kunnianosoitus to one of Bowie’s greatest songs.

And you as a listener have been also a part of the creation process of this album, as track listing is based on which songs were most listened on Youtube. I’ve released two songs every week for a past month and during that time it’s been very clear which ones are the popular ones – ’Monster Under My Bed’ and ’What the Zombie Wants?’, Great songs. Surprisingly, not my personal favourites, but that’s how it goes with music.

Album is available to listen on Bandcamp and Youtube and later on other music streaming services. Physical release will follow, but as I’m not yet sure do I want to continue using on-demand production service or create my own recycled cassette records, there is no set date for the release of that. Hopefully sooner than later though.

Download from Bandcamp

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