Bedroom Sessions IV & V

More music from the archives! I went through my hard drive and put together these two ’Bedroom Sessions’ compilations for you to enjoy. You can download both of them for pay what you want price from Bandcamp, and CDs will be available at the later date.

IV: Attempts at Art Music

These tracks are my attempts at art music and on more experimental stuff. Most of them are composed on piano or using Musescore, and my attempt was to made music that could be played by a strings or solo pianists for example. Unfortunately I never really got around to finish these compositions, and as you can hear, I turned most of them into synth tracks. Because that’s fun.

Funnily enough, ’Talvehtija, pt. 1: Räntärakkaus’ turned into ’overwinterer’, which is one of my favourite tracks from ’others’. That album probably wouldn’t be reality without these demos and attempts, so at least something cool came out of this. I also released versions of ’s’ and ’Sad Symphony’ on digital streaming services.

V: Improvised Insecurities

First part of this compilation is in fact an album called ’Moments’, which have been waiting for a release for several years now. Most of the tracks are improvised synth jams, and jamming alone and improvising was the whole point of the album. But for some reason or an another I never got around to actually mix and master the thing, so it never got out.

Other tracks are kinda ”sillisalaatti”: there’s one made for JX6 (whoever that might be) titled ’Cosmic Funeral’, some guitar jams I uploaded to Youtube, just small ideas and so on. Only oddity is ’island life’ which I spent a lot of time composing and released as a single, but as it haven’t been included on the any other release so far I decided to put it here.

You can download both compilations from my Bandcamp page for free:

Bedroom Sessions IV: Attempts at Art Music

Bedroom Sessions V: Improvised Insecurities

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