Ordinary Living Dead – Track by Track

1. Spaceship Made of the Plastic Waste

One of the firsts Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter songs I made in 2019. Originally it had a completely different vibe and lyrics, but in the end it turned to this synth heavy track with climate crisis focused lyrics. Maybe one day I’ll put the original demo as B-side for some record though that’s not a promise. It is baaaaad.

2. Something in Your Eyes

Back in the 2018-2019 when I created this song I was listening A LOT of certain band from Turku and also Scissor Sisters’ ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’. Maybe you can hear those influences pretty clearly… I really like this one, it’s fun, it has synths – guitar comes in only for a bridge, groovy bass line (which was hardest thing I ever recorded in 2019) and overall it has this very specific melancholic, almost bittersweet atmosphere without being a sad track though. Maybe it’s even a homage for a certain yellow house I used to spend much of my free time in…

3. Dying Wish of the Jellyfish

This is the song that kind of created the whole Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter. I had listened a lot of Red Vox’s awesome song titled ‘Stranded’ and wanted to do something similar. Original version was something like four minutes and had very different lyrics (which I later used in ‘Don’t Colour Inside the Lines) but then I added the bass riff after the ”chorus”. And that’s when things fell into place. This song is kinda example of how to do Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter track and I’ve used it as a reference for how I want to create music – add unexpected things and take the song to the new and interesting places. I also have to admit that through this song I learned about how to tell a stories in music using instruments and not only lyrics, which is pretty cool skill to have. I guess. Also sorry if this text makes no sense, I’m pretty tired as I’m writing this.

4. (NUMB)er one

This is a little weird song. ‘(NUMB)er one’ ponders how social media has taken over our life and how it makes us see things – how everyone is trying to impress everyone else and show how their life is better. This songs was made before the pandemic, and through these past years it seems more topical. Gods of algorithms are blessing us with content which we don’t want and still consume. And so on. What do I know? I’m just writing little songs that are eaten by reposted TikTok videos. 🙂

5. brokenbrokenbroken

There’s not really much I have to say about this track. Working title was something like ”broken guitar” and that’s the soundscape I was aiming for. It worked out pretty good in the end. There’s also a cleaner version I recorded later but it’s missing something that this particular version has.

6. In My Reflections

Last song of the ‘Ordinary Living Dead’ EP. Once again this song started as a very different one than what it became in the end – like ‘Dying Wish of the Jellyfish’ it was shorter and not a much experimental. I think guitars are from the original recording as I liked the ”cheap” sound they have. This might be the most synth heavy track on this EP (even more than ‘Something in Your Eyes’) as synths are pretty driving instruments especially on the first parts of the song. Lyrics are your usual ”oh god I’m getting older” stuff.

’Ordinary Living Dead’ is available as a 12’ vinyl and includes two bonus tracks. There’s two versions with different colored artworks. Get your copy from Bandcamp.

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