Cursed Potatoes: Village Dev Diary #1

Don’t mind the anime person.

I’ve been developing this little RPG for a while now. Originally it was meant to be ready for 11th RPG Maker Horror Game Jam but due work and other stuff I had no time to finish it in time. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while (and not working on it at all) I’ve been trying to finish this game. It’s gonna be more or less a prototype of RPG mechanics that I want to use on the future projects, which is also main motivation behind finishing this particular game. As it isn’t very long, it would still bother me if I’ve left it unfinished as almost happened with ‘Cookie’. As with any form of art, it’s always good to finish a thing even if it wouldn’t be next master piece because you’ll still learn something new.

So, let’s talk about this game. It’s called ‘Cursed Potatoes: Village’ (or just ‘VIllage’) and it’s about a ritual that it’s going to take a place in a little village where these potato-looking people live. You are ”kid” who needs to collect some artefacts for the ritual while doing some chores for the elderly habitants of the village. You’ll meet a dog, fight rats and hopefully find some potato-related secrets. And that’s pretty much it. There will be fighting and unlike ‘Cookie’, this game will have random battles and focuses on leveling up and using your skills. Probably. Though I want to keep it pretty simple and accessible so people who are not used to RPG mechanics or don’t enjoy grinding can still get something out of this game.


Graphics are going to be very simple as you can see from the screenshot, but I’m talking about that stuff more on the next dev log.

Which brings me to the biggest problem with projects like this – at some point I just get stuck. And that’s where I am right now – though I’ve had a lot going on lately, like moving, job and other real-world stuff, but still. I’ve been stuck with this project for a while now and honestly don’t know where to go from here. I’d like to finish this little game for sure, but at the same time I’m thinking is it even worth it. What’s the point of this game? Is it even good (well…)?

And that’s why I wanted to write this dev log as I hope it inspires me to finish this project, or at least release some kind of playable demo at some point. And with that said, I’ll hope to see in dev log #2 soon.

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