End of an Era

First chapter (2012-2021) of Melancholic Zombie’s adventure is now done. What’s next? You just have to wait and see.

All I can say is that MZ is moving to more anti-capitalistic and climate-friendly ways to put music and art out there. Things that lasts, not just few megabytes on endless stream of content.

Vinyls. What a magical word.

Books. Limited editions. Why not?

And less social media focused. Because we all know that it’s not the way to go on the long run.

What’s the meaning of this blog post? Nothing. And everything.

(I’m taking a little artsy break though I’m working on a game so… Anyway, break from some stuff at least. Also, if you wondered why older MZ music releases are disappearing from the streaming services, there’s two reasons: #1 streaming is pretty big cause of pollution right now and I rather offer my music on more sustainable ways, and #2 there are some samples on first few albums (especially on ’Beginning’) that I’m not sure where they came from. And so it’s easier just to take them down, because I’m too lazy to find out the sources… And at this point I just want to let go of these songs from the first 10 years. They’re all yours now. Use them as you like – make covers, your own versions, use them in films or games – it’s up to you. Music is meant to be enjoyed by all, not to be just some money-making scheme for shareholders of Spotify and other services like that. This is something I’ve been planning a long time and now that I’ve got some closure it feels great time to do this. And with that, I’ll see you soon. With something completely different. Maybe.)

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