4 ”New” MZ Albums Now Available!

Melancholic Zombie’s alternative timeline is now completed with these four albums from 2016 – 2019. Dive in and listen how music of this particular zombie guitarist has evolved during the years and what artists and events have influenced it. Don’t take these albums and songs too seriously though – some of the tracks are pretty unfinished and some are just… stupid. But in a funny way.

I also created lyric videos for a one song from each album. Those end up looking pretty good.

Here’s some more info and links to all the releases. Available as digital downloads and CDs (which are now only available to purchase from Kunaki but will be later on BC) from Bandcamp.

Tapes (2015-2017)

In alternative timeline, ‘Tapes’ would have been released in 2016, soon after MZ classic ‘Fall’. This album explores and combines different music genres from EDM to rock and thus creates something unique – at least in MZ’s discography. ‘Tapes’ tells stories of relationships, love, hate, sexuality, depression and growing up, but is anything on this record even real? Whose stories are these? And who exactly is coming for you?

Download / CD

Another Sun (2017)

MZ’s most ambitious project, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi opera ‘Another Sun’ was released in 2017 – if we’re on the alternative timeline, of course. This record goes to the new frontiers musically while taking listener through the sad and hopeless view of future world. ‘Another Sun’ is full of surprising twists, guitar driven distorted riffs and synth layers. It is an adventure, which takes you to the galaxies far, far away, and you may even find new interesting people… and aliens. Also, stay away from the dunes. Something is waiting in the sand…

Download / CD

Gemetzel (2018)

After successfully doing so on 2017 ‘Thousand Times’, MZ decided to create an another album based on old lyrics. In alternative timeline this lead to heavy and dark ‘Gemetzel’, which would have been released in 2018. ‘Gemetzel’ is raw, bloody collection of tracks that can go anywhere from sweet love song to thoughts of serial killer – and sometime in the middle of the same track. ‘Gemetzel’ is paranoid, scary and repulsive but still it grabs you tightly with its bony fingers, staying uncomfortably close until you wake up… in the Hell.

Download / CD

Cause of Death: Everything (2015-2019)

In MZ’s alternative timeline this epic synth punk masterpiece would have been released in 2019. Including hit tracks as ‘Drink to Forget (Things I’ve Done)’, ‘Mister Sister’, ‘Out of My Life’ & ‘Remember U’ many of these songs are tested and approved in front of the live audience. Some people even stayed and listen them! ‘Cause of Death: Everything’ explores the fragile masculinity of young people who think they’re cool but in the end are pretty pathetic. Yeah, I’m talking about you, lad.

Download / CD

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