4 “New” Melancholic Zombie Albums to Be Released!

As we’re celebrating 10th anniversary of MZ’s musical journey it’s time to enter an alternative timeline and take a look at the four albums that could and should have been released between 2016 and 2019. First one of these albums, EDM influenced ‘Tapes’ will be out tomorrow, followed by post-apocalyptic scifi space rock album ‘Another Sun’ next week. After that is time for ‘Gemetzel’, raw and macabre pop rock record. Last but definitely not least is ‘Cause of Death: Everything’, a synth punk “masterpiece” which includes some of the best MZ tracks – among other things. This is gonna be one interesting journey to the past.

This has been more or less personal project. It’s a  great feeling to give some closure to songs I’ve spend so much time working on at some point of my life and relive those memories. Bare in mind that these albums are not perfect and some songs aren’t even truly finished but they are fun time capsules of my musical journey. Enjoy!

26/3 – Tapes
2/4 – Another Sun
9/4 – Gemetzel
16/4 – Cause of Death: Everything

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