RPM Challenge 2022 And a New EP

Making new music is almost always a cool adventure, but sometimes you don’t know what to do or when to finish it. That’s why when I spotted RPM Challenge 2022, in which you need to complete a song or a record in one month, was an interesting thing to try. I already tried to make a track in each month of 2021 (check Juho & the Jellyfish from Jupiter’s ’Quarantine Diaries’ EPs) and I’ve made few albums in a day or two in the past, but in almost all of those projects I already had some ideas and song structures ready. And this February I started from the scratch.

‘connect / disconnect’ was created whenever I had time – in the mornings before work, between doing dishes and cleaning the house and so on. It’s a musically very simple EP but that’s what it was always meant to be – after whole ’Quarantine Diaries’ experience last year I wanted to do something much simpler. In a way it’s returning to my roots as a musician: instrumental electronic loop based music.

There will be some kind of a listening party hosted by RPM Challege at some point, I guess more info about that can be found from their website.

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: https://melancholiczombie.bandcamp.com/album/connect-disconnect

Anyway, what’s next? I’m still slowly updating this site and at some point newsletters will return. I just need to decide do I want to publish them monthly or not.

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