Chapter I : Zombify (2012-2021) released!

New MZ compilation album ‘Chapter I : Zombify (2012-2021)’ is now released. It includes the most important tracks of the first decade of Melancholic Zombie’s music compiled in one album as well as two previously unreleased ones.

Chapter I : Zombify (2012-2021) is available on Bandcamp for free:

Part of this release is .iso file of DVD ‘Melancholic Zombie : Videos 2012-2021’, available for download from this link: You can view the DVD with free VLC Media Player (for example) or you can burn it on disc yourself.

This DVD includes all the MZ music and lyric videos released so far, as well as previously unreleased music video for ‘Running to the Sunrise’ from 2014!

Otherwise there’s really nothing new coming up – maybe one EP bit we’ll see (or hear?) about that. I’ve been working on few short stories too but can’t promise to publish those for a while. 

Stay safe!

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