Welcome to my mausoleum. I mean website.

New album ‘Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight’ is out now! Available on Bandcamp & Youtube.


I Joined Mastodon

…and it seems like a cool place. Reminds me of how social media platforms used to be, unlike those ”things” that many of them has become. Give me a follow or bookmark my profile, or don’t. You do you, I’ll do me.Chillin’ at the bottom of the sea and I say… https://artsio.com/@melancholiczombie I have a…

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Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight

New Melancholic Zombie album is here! ’Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight’ begins the second chapter of MZ’s musical journey, and being album number ten (!) it’s only fitting that it is the best one so far. At least in my own humble opinion. ’Hollow Eyes of Juho at Twilight’ is electronic horror rock experience,…

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